Screamers Halloween Costumes


Sara: Happy Monday, Creeps! We are enjoying some decent weather here in Detroit, and we took advantage of it to check out one of the coolest shops in Michigan: Screamers Halloween Costumes. I am kind of a giant asshole for not taking Jeremy here sooner. This place has been on my radar for awhile, and for some reason we have never gone. Well, now that it is March and we are ready for Halloween, it was the perfect time for a visit. 

Although the focus is on costumes, this place had lots of other spooky goodies to offer. I wanted all of the giant, horror rugs, and of course the horror-themed bags. For anyone in the area who loves cosplays, or themed parties, etc. This is the place to go to browse during the off-season. They have a decent collection of creepy, vintage-styled masks and costumes that I would love to see actually worn. I absolutely was missing October and spooky season while in this store, but it was nice to have a place to go to fill that void. We left with only a handful of things (a great place to get some spooky gifts for the creeps in your life, btw), but we will surely be back, and often. 

Jeremy: Having lived here over four years now, how I never realized that within 20 minutes of where I live there was a store that was reppin Halloween 365 days out of the year is beyond me. Screamers was an amazing experience, one that I found far superior to your average Spirit Halloween trip that's only available a month or out of the year. Not just a costume shop, save for a collection of horror movies they had everything a horror fan could possibly ask for, ranging from the common funko pops, shirts, and masks you'd find at most places such as this, to more uncommon home decor and busts of classic horror icons, plus an unusual amount of bunny costumes for whatever reason?

With so much to look, and so much we wanted to leave with, I hope we can make Screamers a frequent trip to cover those times where Halloween is just too far away. I will say that I am amazed that a place such as this has managed to stay open during the last year, but that does make me all the more driven to give them as much business and exposure as possible. Plus, they had The Amityville Horror remake playing on one of the TV's and as we all know, that version is better than the original.

Well that's it for us this week! But, not to fear, this coming Thursday we will be hosting our monthly Netflix party, this time showing last year's Vampires vs. The Bronx. We hope you'll join us at 9pm EST, and be sure to look out for our post earlier that day for instructions on how to join us if you're new. But until that time, keep it creepy!


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