Coven Happenings: February 2021


Jeremy: Welcome back, creeps! While February is often a month where those New Years resolutions tend to begin to fall by the way side in favor of more of the same, i've found that the end of January rejuvenated me in more than a few ways. Before getting into that, I wanted to take this time to comment on the climate of something I sorely miss, the theater going experience. It being the dead of winter, we haven't dedicated time to make it out to the drive-in. While I miss it and am eager to make the trip back out there, I more so have been thinking on the days of overpriced popcorn, assigned seating, and the reflection of phone screens in a darkened room; the experience of going to the movies. While we've opted not to participate in theaters current efforts to still get releases out, all joking aside, I very much hope for their return in 2021. Drive-In's, VOD, and the like have certainly been a big help during the pandemic, but that experience of seeing something on the big screen cannot be beat. I can only hope that is something that can be returned to with little difference from the past. 

Now! Onto some accomplishments over the past month! First up on my watch of a Herschell Gordon Lewis film per month in order to bone up on the splatter genre was Blood Feast (1963) for January. Ridiculously low budget, insanely gory for its time, and featuring a soundtrack that can scarcely be called actual music, I enjoyed my time with Blood Feast for what it was. This is one of Lewis' more popular films, featuring a couple years ago on The Last Drive-In marathon as a good place to start with his filmography. While I expect to come across more of the same over the next 11 months (or will I?), i'm curious to see where things went from here, as I can only imagine more innovative, and particularly nasty, kills to follow.

Last month I also managed to make it over a major hurdle with my readers block, by taking a break on House of Leaves and tackling some shorter novels to get back my literary drive. First up was The Secret Confession of Rustin Parr, a companion to The Blair Witch Project, and a book best forgotten in my opinion for not delivering the goods, building up to a climax that adds next to nothing to the mythos. Next I read Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf, a relatively short novel that was simple, but entertaining, and motivated me to pick up the film adaption, Silver Bullet, to see how it holds up. And lastly, i'm currently about halfway through The Blair Witch Project: A Dossier, because my obsession with this series knows no bounds, and I can already tell you it's by far better than The Secret Confession already. 

I've been trying to find a good balance between my interests in reading, watching movies, and playing games, and feel as though i'm starting to hit that in strides, maybe this will finally get me to post as regularly on my social media accounts as Sara does? Miracles can happen sometimes.

Sara: We have been a bit hit-and-miss on trying to stay healthy this month, however, I am proud of us for doing our best with sticking with plans for this blog. My first folk-horror viewing of the year was Witchfinder General (1968) starring Vincent Price, and I am glad I ended up purchasing it because I really enjoyed it. Cromwell's General (Vincent Price), and his henchman receive a sum of money for every person they make confess to being a witch. The General becomes a target himself to a young solider when after he terrorizes his fianc√© and kills her uncle. Honestly, I could probably watch Vincent Price in anything, but, I feel like I will revisit this one in the late summer, paired with a mug of ale. 

I also came across this excellent article via Nightmare on Film Street writer, Jessica Rose. If you are also inclined to extend your folk-horror film knowledge, as well as jot down a few more titles to check out. 

This month I took a break from being glued to my Nintendo Switch (my Animal Crossing villagers are probably PISSED), and decided to read more during the week. I finally finished Stephen King's Christine, which I really enjoyed and recommend, so I am still not sure what took me so long to finish it. Either way, I liked it and if you enjoy the movie and feel inclined, please pick it up! I also somehow managed to read John Dies at the End by David Wong (Jason Pargin) in like, five days which is just unheard of in my adult age. It's completely bonkers, and the narrator is admittingly completely unreliable, but if you like fast-paced, sci-fi/horror novels on drugs, this is the book for you. I am fully planning on checking out the movie as well, even though I know it isn't quite the same as the book-are they ever? I have quite the stack next to my bed to read yet, but I am hoping to keep up this motivation and add some folk-horror novels to that pile, so send all of your recs my way. 

This month we are not only planning on watching My Bloody Valentine (OG and remake), Valentine, Cherry Falls, and The Love Witch for some spooky-valentine goodness, we are also stoked to tune into The Last Drive-in Joe Bob Put a Spell on You Valentine's Special on Shudder Friday, February 12th! Joe Bob, Darcy, and our fellow Mutant Family members make every holiday more enjoyable, especially since we are fighting off those winter blues. As Jeremy already mentioned, we really, really miss going to the movies. Watching this live-stream while tweeting along with our fellow creeps sooths that ache, so be sure to join in on the debauchery on Twitter!

Lastly, we are going to host this month's Foxy Cat Coven Netflix Party on Thursday, February 18th at 9pm, EST. This month we will be watching Creep (2014). Just be sure to install Netflix Party, and hit us up on our social media for the link, we will send it out about 15 minutes before we start. Until then, you can follow us on all of our social media @FoxyCatCoven, and join our Facebook group, Coven Creeps, located right on our Facebook page. Until next time, keep it creepy, kids!