Coven Happenings: January 2021


Jeremy: Hello again, creeps! We're finally back as we move into the New Year and escape the real horror movie that was 2020. Back, and here to do things a little different, or at least more personal. One of our primary goals when starting this blog was to, despite being huge fans of the horror genre, not indicate that this blog was strictly for horror, horror news, or any thing of the sort. We're not paid for this and never sought to be, just something that we do for fun, no matter how many people are reading. Sure, we will still do plenty of horror related things, but we'd like this to also be a look into our own personal lives. We've taken a huge hit today, and over the past year with the passing of two of our guinea pigs, Gizmo and, just today, Pennywise. They were the first guinea pigs we ever got, and though they were very much loved, their passing has been a difficult one, and we will always miss them.

Something I struggled with in 2020 was, and lets be honest everyone else was too, finding the motivation to hits goals. I ended the year having barely reached the halfway point on reading House of Leaves, and struggled to find the drive to discover new things though some of my favorite things, podcasts, movies, music, etc. While there were a couple great things to come out of the year (hey, I actually did a new years resolution and logged every single movie I watched in 2020 over on my Letterboxd!), I want this year to be a testament to the things I couldn't find the drive to do. Sure, I want to read that book, I want to read more in general (Creepshow keeps staring at me from the coffee table as we speak), but lets talk about something new!

We came up with the idea of a theme this year, one where each month we'd watch a movie each from a specific genre, and at the end of the month for each Coven Happenings we will report back on how we felt about said movie! For my choice, I went with the splatter movie genre, more specifically, after being gifted the Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast Collection from Sara this Christmas, I chose to cover all fourteen films included in this set! We wanted to cover genres that we had seen very few films in to give us some new things to discover, so hopefully we will give you something new to check out yourself this year.

2021 might have already gotten off to a rough start but we've got plenty of plans for this month already planned out for all you ghouls, so stay tuned for that! I'm excited to be back and writing again, and I hope that what we can share with you entices and horrifies all year long. 

Sara: Being a member of the horror community can be a bit...weird. Over the past few years I have met some of the most wonderful, and horrible horror fans out there. Via, Cons (miss those terribly), or just the plain 'ol internet, there are some real interesting characters out there. However, over the years, despite wanting to see *most* horror movies that hit the screen, I realized I have been more eager to view flicks that involve mysterious creatures, dark lore, or people getting lost in the woods in general. Some of my favorite films of the past few years have been Midsommar (2019), The Witch (2015), The Ritual (2017), and Mandy (2018). I am pretty sure one of my favorite sub-genres is going to be folk-horror, however, I think it is only fair that I give some more films a viewing before I make that decision. I know Mandy is technically cosmic-horror, but at least part of it takes place in the woods, and there's a weird hippy-cult and idk, I just love it, okay. 

I wish that I had more spooky good things to share with you creeps today, but sadly I do not. Most of the end of the year was spent "just trying to get to January", and then despite every good intention, we have had a bit of a rough start. I am glad that we did decide to write this post though, because I have missed all of your lovely comments on our social media, telling us to check out this movie, or that podcast, or whatever song, and that's the best part about being in this community. Those of you beautiful creeps who don't judge us for not seeing every 80's horror movie ever made, or for forgetting a director's name, or getting the date wrong on some bullshit or not knowing all of the lyrics to Alice Cooper's Man Behind the Mask (okay, Jeremy totally does), or whatever. You're there to shoot the spooky shit with us, and we love you for it. 

That being said, you can reach us on all of our social media @FoxyCatCoven, send us an email at, join our Facebook group: Coven Creeps, located right there on our Facebook page, or just drop us a comment here. We love hearing from you! You can also join us for our January Netflix Party on Thursday the 21st at 9pm, EST. 

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to us today about Pennywise. Gizmo was Jeremy's pig, and Pennywise was mine. She was very much a momma's girl, she loved to give kisses, and eat my hair. Our two piggies Odin and Annabelle will miss her greatly, as she was the loudest wheeker in the apartment. 

Rest In Peace, baby girl. We love you. 


  1. My sympathies again on your loss.

    Like Sara, I loved "Midsommar" and "The Witch." We share a taste for "folk horror." I hope 2021 is full of horror only in entertainment, not reality. The world's changing fast and things we never imagined are coming true. Then, there's good stuff too -- like you guys! Keep up the good work.


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