Up And Coven Happenings: August 2020

Jeremy: Hello again, creeps! Welcome to day #3,463 of quarantine! We're back at you with another month to bring you the spooky goods in the form of games, flicks, and maybe a few ghosts? While not much has changed with the world, and we're all still limited to what kind of plans we can make, we are still in the heart of summer, and searching for the next terrifying adventure, be it at home or in the great outdoors. If there's one thing we've been pretty good about over the last month, it's been keeping up on the horror movies of new and old. 

First up, i'd like to say if you haven't already been following our Tuesday horror recommendations over on Instagram, do so! A lot of what we bring you is usually pretty fresh for us as we're always trying to watch something new and highly recommended over the weekend. Our latest, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II was a particular fun one that I gave praise to, a film that far surpasses the admittedly kind of boring disco flavored original. As for something new, I wanted to also send you over to Host, a shudder original that just premiered last week and has been sweeping the world of Twitter since. But when you do, be sure to watch it on a laptop if you can, with headphones, and alone in the dark for the perfect set-up. It's a zoom video call meeting gone wrong, and it should be right up the alley of anyone looking for a short, but effective scarefest.

And speaking of laptops, due to finally getting ourselves a functioning one, i've downloaded a couple indie horror titles over on Steam that have been getting some buzz as of late. One such title is known as The Convenience Store, a Japanese horror title where you take on the role of a college girl during the night shift. And.... that's all I know. Apparently this one has left more than a few people terrified so if it's worth it, i'll be reporting back on my experience. 

Sara: Being in a pandemic is limiting, however, there's still some spooky goodness coming this way for August! First up: we are hosting another Netflix Party! Thursday, August 13th at 9 pm, EST. All you have to do is install Netflix Party on Chrome, and then message us on any of our social media platforms @FoxyCatCoven, and we will DM you the link half an hour before the movie kicks off. I highly recommend installing Netflix Party earlier in the evening, because a few people have had to log back out/have had issues installing it, so a little extra time to make sure its working is never a bad thing. This month we are going to put it up to a vote on Instagram, so keep an eye on our stories so you can vote on what horror flick we will all watch together!

Following the Netflix Party, we are super stoked to tune into Joe Bob's Summer Sleepover, Friday August 14th at 9 pm EST on Shudder! We were completely stoked to learn that The Last Drive-In was picked up for a third season, but were very pleased to get the added bonus of the Summer Sleepover double feature this month. We will be sure to hangout with our Mutant Family on Twitter that evening, so come find us there! 

We are taking a break from our local drive-in this weekend to go camping, but we will be returning to *hopefully* see some more horror classics later this month. My personal favorite so far has been Jaws, not only is it a classic creature-feature perfect for the drive-in, most of the scenes are in the daylight which means I can actually see what is going on (shitty eyesight, be damned!). We have also began our yearly pilgrimage to the craft and big-box stores in search for some Halloween goodies, and we haven't been disappointed!  At Home had quite the collection on display, and Bath and Body Works was fully stocked with every fall scent imaginable. Micheal's was only just getting started, but they had a Halloween town up and running that was pretty spooky. I have heard rumors of Dollar Tree, and Marshall's having a few items peppering in, but I am excited mostly for the pumpkins and gourds to hit the grocery stores and farmer stands in our area. Carving pumpkins is my favorite, and its an activity that can easily be done while social distancing, so I anticipate multiple jack-o-lanterns decorating The Lair this Halloween season. 

Got any spooky recommendations for us? Wanna chat about Halloween decor? Hit us up on social media, or join our Facebook Group: Coven Creeps, located right on our Facebook page. Next week we will have a horror board game review for you nerds, so stay tuned! Until next time, keep it creepy, kids!