Up and Coven Happenings: May 2020

Sara: Greetings and salutations, creeps! Like everyone else, we have been hit hard with the pandemic blues here at the coven. We lacked inspiration when it came to posting, we deviated from our normal schedule, and in short, felt like depressed little shits. However, this past weekend, Michigan was blessed with some beautiful weather over the weekend, and it made us feel motivated enough to get a little post together for May.

Normally, our beginning of the month posts are dedicated to what's new in horror, what we are looking forward to (events, movies, etc) for the month, and what we are currently into. Well. This pandemic has left us working, and playing video games. All the spooky events we had coming up were cancelled or rescheduled, and movie theaters are closed. So, we thought we would do a post talking about some of the cool, spooky shit you can do from home, as well as link up some of our favorite businesses, because EVERYONE is struggling right now.

First up, The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs is back for season 2! Streaming on Shudder, every Friday, 9 pm EST, Joe Bob hosts two horror films back-to-back, with Darcy the Mail Girl & Co. This has been the highlight of the month for me, because honestly even if we were allowed to go outside, this is exactly what Jeremy and I would be doing anyways. Right now there is a promo code: SAVINI for a free 30 day trial, so go get your Shudder on!

Second: At the beginning of this pandemic, Netflix came up with the extension: Netflix Party! It is a fun way to interact with a group of friends by hosting or joining a watch party, with a chat box to the side so you can talk through the movie just like you normally would do at home. We actually tried this feature out last week and watched The Evil Dead with friends, and it was pretty fun. You can set your own nickname, and chime in whenever you feel the need. We are going to attempt to host one this Thursday, so keep an eye on our social media accounts for that information. However, one of our favorite ghoul-friends Meg, host of the podcast Two Ghouls, One Grave hosts a Netflix party every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. If you are looking for a spooky group of people to watch with, I absolutely recommend checking out her Instagram stories @Madame.leatherface for more information.

Jeremy: Like Sara said, we're all pretty much doing the same thing these days, but it has also provided the perfect opportunity for us horror (or really any sort of media) fans to catch up on what we had no time to before. In addition to The Last Drive-In, we also post Fangoria's list of new horror movies coming to all sorts of streaming services from Netflix, to Amazon Prime, to Shudder. I know I personally have been trying to catch up some films that have been collecting dust on the shelf since their purchase including the One Missed Call trilogy, the Crystal Lake Memories documentary, and most recently, The Mcpherson Tape (A found footage hidden gem, finally available on home video from Vinegar Syndrome).

Some things like my reading of all of Stephen King's novels, and a playthrough of the Blair Witch computer games have been put on hold a bit, but all that's going to take is the right moment of inspiration to hit. I love both of these topics but want to be able to be in the right mindset to talk about them. As well, i've already started to miss the experience of seeing new movies in theaters (The Invisible Man being the last one we saw before things changed), and while I can't speak on how things will be once they can be a thing again, I can only hope we can go back to sharing our excitement with you creeps for each new release.

And last up, a couple new things on the horizons for horror fans: We've got a brand new, officially licensed Friday the 13th board game coming this summer, but before then you can check out Trivial Pursuits Ultimate Edition of their horror trivia game! This is an expansion of the travel edition we've talked about in the past and one which we definitely want to get our hands on. But, until we can chat with you guys again, be it on our socials or through a Netflix party, keep it creepy!

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