Foxy Cat Coven's Spooky Gift Guide

Sara: Every year around this time, memes start circulating on what to gift spooky kids. Usually they are spot on, horror movies, candles, vintage dolls/masks, etc. This year we thought we would get a little last-minute shopping guide post out for you creeps, for those spooky people in your lives, or even something for yourselves! At the very least, window shopping online can be fun. I love learning about new, spooky products and shops. So, let’s get to it!

#1: First up we have an Etsy show that I stumbled across on Facebook a week or so ago, Ravenstonegifts. Everything from cicada earrings, to golden bat ornaments, this shop is perfect for those macabre kids who need something unique. My favorite are the cicada earrings, followed by this Rosemary’s Baby inspirited necklace, but this hand one remind me of Twin Peaks (meanwhile….). There’s also loads of crystals to choose from, rings (this spiderweb one is pretty dope), and pins! I want everything.

#2: Next up we have a coven favorite: Deadly Grounds. We first discovered this ghoulishy good coffee back at Frightmare in the Falls, and since have ordered from them on the regular. Last year we gifted a couple friends some of their coffee, and it was a hit! This year we full on plan on spreading more of the Deadly Grounds love, and maybe grabbing a bag our two for ourselves. I wish that I had a favorite, but if you are at a loss of what to get, you can’t go wrong with the Roasted Xmas Cinnamon Roast-because I personally believe that coffee and cinnamon are the perfect match. If you, or the person you are shopping for doesn’t like flavored roasts, their House Blend is pretty dope. You can read our full review on them, here

#3: We are making another return to Etsy with this next shop: baphometandco. This dark, and beautiful shop specializes in soaps, bath bombs, salts, and oils. If those aren’t your jam, they also have incense sticks. Jeremy and I have a bit of a candle/incense problem. Our apartment is from the 1960’s, its old, the basement smells musty at times, the neighbors have cats (aka: litter boxes), some of the neighbors cook/smoke some odd scented things, and not to mention we have three guinea pigs that do nothing but poop all day. Incense are my favorite way of freshening up the place, you only need to burn one to smell it all the way through our apartment, and they are relatively cheap gifts. My favorite? The Bang Bang Bar Ritual incense, because Twin Peaks. 


#3: Plug Uglie: You probably knew we were going to feature these guys on here somewhere, but after over a year of consistently awesome products we can't help but give this company all the recognition it deserves. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Plug Uglie provides a huge variety of shirts, pins, sweaters, and patches. While they can often be found at horror conventions and general pop ups around the midwest, you can also find them online at this etsy page, where they just completed the pre-orders for a sick Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt/sweater. Their Mandy design from last year still remains one of my favorites of theirs, and we are always looking forward to what they will be cooking up next.

#2: Retro Release Video: If you're following my Instagram, you''l have seen I recently posted about a couple VHS tapes I scored from this company. While i've been building up my VHS horror collection for about four years now, these guys take it one step further by offering truly stellar VHS versions of new films like Midsommar, Trick R Treat, Hereditary, and Us! With amazing artwork, choice for some films to come in either normal or big VHS box format, and even cassette versions of soundtracks for films like this years Joker, I highly recommend this shop for the nostalgic horror fan in your life. You can find Retro Release Video at

#1: Cavity Colors: Last up, i'm going to have to send you over to Cavity Colors for some of the best designs ever slapped onto a piece of clothing out there. Just in time for this weekends Friday the 13th, they've just released their line of clothes featuring their own take on Friday the 13th Part 2, along with a line of pins, shirts, and tank tops featuring a Christmas take on Elvira. While Cavity Colors is one of the bigger companies we've talked about here, I still wanted to give them a shout out for their many unique designs, ones that will definitely please any horror fan. Check out Cavity Colors at

And there you have it! We hope we've given you creeps plenty of options for what you want to get those special ghouls in your life. But what about any we might have missed? We're always coming across new shops every week, and we'd love to hear from you guys if you've come across any killer ones yourself! Comment below, or on any of our social medias @FoxyCatCoven and lets talk shop. Until next time, keep it creepy!


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