Theatre Bizarre: 2019

Sara: Happy Halloween, Creeps! A couple weekends ago our usual crew made it out to the Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, one of our favorite events of the year. This year we were lucky enough to have our friend Anne assist us with our makeups and a little photo shoot beforehand, and as you can see, she did an incredible job! She did our friend Marcel's Captain Spaulding makeup completely on her own, added the final touches on our friend Wednesday's Demon makeup, and fixed my makeup as much as she could to make me look like an evil goat. I would have to say that despite a couple of us getting a little too tipsy (me, mostly), this was probably the best Theatre Bizzare yet!

Can you guess what Jeremy and I went as? Here's a hint: Praise Satan!

Tomorrow is officially Halloween! What are your plans? Let us know by dropping us a comment here or on any of our forms of social media @FoxyCatCoven, or in our Facebook group; Coven Creeps. Until next time, keep it creepy, kids!