Foxy Cat Coven's Favorite Halloween Decor: 2019

Jeremy: This year may be the most guilty we've ever been in going crazy on our Halloween decoration purchases. But a new place called for some new shit, and it had to be spooky. Having been a little more in the know of various stores Halloween lines, online and offline, we thought we'd offer up a few of our favorites that we were either able to snag, or wish we had the extra funds (or space) to secure them. All products, while likely can be found across the United States, were discovered through what's available to us in Michigan, with nothing being ordered from out of state. I'd also like to point out that this list is both no where near comprehensive of everything cool we discovered out in the wild, but also is not in any order in terms of favorite to least favorite:

1. Michael's  Spooky Town Collection: To the best of my knowledge, early last month this was the first Halloween specific line of decor that I gravitated toward. Growing up, my family had a large collection of those Christmas villages that seemed to grow more and more each season. While I appreciated the set-up, it always made me consider the possibility of a Halloween version of such a thing. Growing up with this now becoming a reality, I finally caved and picked up a couple of Michael's Spooky Town pieces in whats currently taking up a cube sized section of our bookshelf. While I don't know how much I want to expand on this in the future, the attention to detail takes me to a different place just as much as that Christmas village of the past and i'm digging it.

2. Spirit Halloween's Crystal Lake Sign: While i've since moved on from overtly collecting anything Friday the 13th related, this one I couldn't pass up. As someone who has a majority of their Instagram photos as horror movie VHS/DVDs/Blu Rays, this is the perfect backdrop I needed for any future Friday the 13th related posts, or perhaps could work just as well as a sign to indicate where the party is at. Either way, i'm finding Spirit has been killing it this year after a rather disappointing 2018.

3. Home Depot's Headless Horseman: With its hefty price tag, and our definite lack of anywhere to put a 91 inch centerpiece, Home Depot's Headless Horseman was the first decoration of theirs I came across this year before even deciding to make a trip out to one of their stores. While this is a favorite of mine, I encourage anyone to check out the rest of their impressive Halloween line-up. I have no problem admitting I never even knew Home Depot sold Halloween decor, but if this year is indicative of anything, then this is an essential annual stop for any Halloween fan.

4. Micheal's Black Cat Pillow & Door Mat: Sara: I absolutely love all of Micheal's classic Halloween decor this year, but I especially love the black cat pillow and the Welcome Scaredy Cats door mat. Our old door mat was getting gross, and luckily our primary entrance to the apartment is indoors so hopefully this one will last us awhile. There is just something so simple and classic about a black cat, and I am glad we were able to scoop both of these up early in the season (coupons, bitches!)

5. Target's Halloween Succulents: I don't know about the rest of you creeps, but the Target stores in Michigan took their sweet ass time getting in all of their Halloween decor this year. Maybe it was because Micheal's had theirs in August, but it seriously felt like they were the last to get their spookies in. After much anticipation, Jeremy and I only picked up a couple things from Target this year. My personal favorites were the Halloween succulents. They were completely sold out by us, save for one small black cat one. I managed to snatch it up, but in my two trips back to Target since then, they have been completely cleared out of them. Can't blame everyone, they are only $3 a pop if you can manage to get one.

6. Spirit Halloween's Trick r' Treat Blanket: Our first two trips to Spirit Halloween were quick ones as ours opened long before having everything out on the floor for purchase. Upon our third visit, and with a trusty Instagram coupon in hand, I picked up the Sam Fleece Blanket. Sam is my absolute favorite horror movie icon, I don't care what anyone else says. I am glad I grabbed it when I had the chance, those fuckers sold out online.

What are your favorite Halloween pick ups this year? Drop us a comment here, or on any of our social media platforms @FoxyCatCoven. Don't forget to join our Facebook group: Coven Creeps, located right on our Facebook page. In the meantime, keep it creepy, kids!


  1. Love the doormat. Who knew Home Depot had Halloween stuff? Not me.


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