On Wednesdays, We Wear Black


"This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else."

— Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family 

Among the ranks of Nancy Downs, Lydia Deetz,  Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald, even Janis Ian lies a a place of recognition for creepy and weird girls around the world. With the influx of 90's nostalgia in the past couple of years (guilty), Christina Ricci's Wednesday Addams is forever iconic among the spooky nerds of both Generations Y and Z. Dark, mid-thigh dresses with sharp white collars have graced everything from Instagram to the Weird Sisters, immortalizing a look that debuted with the original Wednesday in The New Yorker in 1938. A fitted top with a slight flare, contrasted with the bright cuffs creates a spooky-yet-charming aesthetic anyone can emulate at any age. All adorable dresses aside, what is it  exactly that makes Wednesday Addams a voice for us creeps?

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Well for one, no matter what version of Wednesday is marked as favorite, she has always maintained  a few amicable traits. A direct, blunt approach to everything she encounters, from everyday events to bigger obstacles in life, she will never be one to beat around the bush. A dry, straight-faced sense of humor, which on occasion does give light to a few spooky giggles, rare as they are. Lastly, a calm, yet occasionally sweet disposition. Even when strapping her brother Puglsy to a guillotine, it is all for the sake of both of their enjoyment, amiright? 

Wednesday Addams's tactics for standing up for her beliefs are also something to admire. The Thanksgiving play sequence in Addams Family Values (1993) is forever a favorite scene of mine, and captures her character perfectly. Speaking her mind, having the respect of those around her is a huge factor of her influence on pop culture today. It is not enough that most of her quotes are meme-worthy, that we can't help but post that gif of her dancing every humpday to help us get by, and dawn ourselves in pigtails, oh no. Her influence has inspired one of my favorite YouTube series in the past decade, Adult Wednesday Addams, where she tackles everyday issues that women have to deal with like cat-calls, in her own sadistic, yet tactful ways. Although the series was ceased due to legal issues, it still remains one of my favorite Wednesday-inspired pieces in recent years. The world needs some adult Wednesdays, something to balance out all the nice girls to be miserable with.

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This week we are hoping to catch The Prodigy in theaters, even though both Jeremy and I tend to hold our breaths on creepy kid movies-don't worry, we are using gift cards. Velvet Buzzsaw also dropped this month on Netflix, and I am not going to lie, its looking pretty intriguing! Anyone catch that one yet? How about the Ted Bundy Tapes? We wanna know what you creeps are into, so go ahead and drop us a comment here or on any of our social media accounts at Foxy Cat Coven. Don't forget to join us on Twitter later this month for our  FreshCoastTags game!  The hashtag will drop just before the game starts on Thursday, February 21st at 7pm EST, so all you have to do is follow along on Twitter.  I am going to end this post with a special thanks to our friend Anne for shooting and editing these photos with us. We really love and appreciate all of our creeps, and this blog couldn't be what it is without all of you. We love you, man <3 Until next time, keep it creepy, kids!

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  2. I agree that Wednesday Addams is a good role-model and fashion-icon. Love these terrific pics with you and a real Wednesday!

  3. You both look fantastic- I love your style. Like the saying goes.. fashion is for sale everywhere, but style can't be purchased.

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