Up and Coven Happenings: November 2018

Jeremy: With Halloween sadly now come and gone, we're still moving forward with another frightening concept for this month: Creepy Twins! From the likes of films like The Shining, Blood Rage, and Dead Ringers to some special featurettes we have planned for you guys, November is sure to terrify with one of the scariest concepts in horror; more on that soon to come. As for me, i'm coming off some post-con blues after having an amazing time out in Niagara Falls for Frightmare in the Falls. An event that's already gotten us pumped to plan out our horror convention schedule for 2019! While our Halloween night plans are more low key these days, staying in with a double feature of Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981), this weekend will be our 2nd official Halloween party under the "Dive Bar of the Damned" title. For more on that, check out our Instagram story this weekend for plenty of our best attempts at some post-Halloween costumes and drunk decorating.

With my 31 days of horror films for the month of October now at its end, i'm very excited to check out some of the coming PS4 releases over the next few months. In a pure moment of nostalgia, while not a horror title, i'll be checking out the Spyro the Dragon trilogy this month. A re-imagining of some of the first video games I ever played on PS1, this continues a trend that's been found in other such titles as Crash Bandicoot and most recently, Medievil. But more than any other release, in two short months my most anticipated release in the form of a remake of the zombie survival horror classic, Resident Evil 2 will finally be unleashed. As usual, RIP my wallet.

In addition to several Scream Factory titles I picked up this month (Behind The Mask, Trick R Treat, Deadly Blessing, to name a few), i've been working on upping my pin game. Frightmare was a great opportunity for this, giving me the chance to come away with a undead Georgie from IT pin. A Theater of Creeps creation, other than being an awesome looking pin, all proceeds go to the funding of a short film entitled GEORGIE. Bringing back the original actor to portray the ill-fated Georgie in the 1990 TV film, this movie presents a fantasy scenario that seeks to answer the question: "What if, years after his apparent death, Georgie Denbrough, returned to the screen?". If you'd like more information on this Kickstarter, it can be found at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/georgie-a-short-film

Sara: We have been so insanely busy here at The Coven, I have not gotten the chance to check out ANY of the new shows that have dropped in the past month or so, and I am really excited to finally get a chance to get a start on them. I am mostly excited to check out The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, being as though I was a huge fan of both the comics and the original TV series. I am also really stoked to watch The Haunting of Hill House, as I just finished the novel by Shirley Jackson at the end of September. It has been tricky trying to avoid all of the spoilers, but I am determined as fuck to finally Netflix and binge for the first time in months.

Currently I am pawing my way through Stephen King's The Dark Half, and so far I am really loving it. I wish that I had more time than my measly lunch breaks to read, but, alas. I am pretty stoked to check out the movie adaptation when I finish it, especially since Jeremy just picked up a VHS copy last month during our trip to Arizona. Speaking of movies, I am really excited to catch both Overlord and Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. We haven't had a chance to catch Suspiria yet, and are hoping to do so ASAP. I have seen so many mixed reviews, I am also trying my best to avoid spoilers in the process, but I have checked out the sound track by Thom Yorke and it is pretty solid! Horror soundtracks due tend to make the workday pass by a little more creepily, 10/10 do recommend.

As we are still recovering from all of the October festivities, and with the holidays creeping around the corner, we have some serious R&R scheduled for ourselves (aka our wallets). However, it doesn't stop us from getting some good old fashioned creepy content out for you guys. We have a couple of spooky reviews, recipes, and of course our usual #BHorrorMovieNight live-tweet, scheduled for Thurday, November 15th at 9:30 EST. We are going to be celebrating all things creepy twins, and Thanksgiving by watching Blood Rage (1987). This movie is available on Amazon Prime, so be sure to tune in and follow us on Twitter @FoxyCatCoven  and use the hashtag! Bonus: Join us in making this a drinking game by taking a shot each time the phrase "That's not cranberry sauce" is spoken. Cheers!

As Jeremy mentioned, we have one last Halloween party to squeeze in this year, so stay tuned to see all our costumes. You can follow us on all forms of social media, and come help us celebrate Halloween, horror, and everything else spooky over in our Facebook group; Coven Creeps, located right on our Facebook page. We would love to see your costumes, hear about what you're currently into, and see all of your sad boi goth memes, so send us a request and we will get you spooky nerds in. Until next time, keep it creepy!