Toxic Toffee: Coffee To Die For


Jeremy: I've set a goal for myself over the last couple weeks to start focusing more on learning and improving on my attempt to make more quality coffee. I'm so far from an expert in the field of brewing coffee, that i've spent the past fifteen or so years in the company of ground-to-all-hell Folger's and Maxwell House's finest blends such as "toilet water" and  "burnt leftovers". With such appealing choices, my usual course of action was to combine as much sugar-filled creamer that was required to trick me into thinking I was still drinking coffee. That being said, this isn't a post meant to bash any brand of coffee, or some of the less savory mass market companies out there. But rather, to highlight a company I believe deserves some extra recognition for not only inspiring me to discover new ways to make an activity I partake in every morning more enjoyable, but for creating a product that even my shitty Mr. Coffee maker can't mask the love and attention used to create my new favorite blend of at home coffee: Deadly Ground's "Toxic Toffee".

Like most things that come from Canada, I wasn't aware of Deadly Grounds until I was introduced to them through Sara, and a podcast we've hyping up ever since we began the Coven: Nightmare on Film Street. As I mentioned, I've never gone out of my way to purchase any kind of gourmet coffee. Be it financial status or not, I somehow managed to never venture out of anything I believed I could handle. Hell, I may have only ever bought a bag of coffee in the form of whole beans twice in my life, the first being an accident. And while we chose the ground coffee option for our bag of Toxic Toffee due to not having purchased a grinder yet, i'm growing more confident in exposing myself to a larger world after tasting this blend over the last week. In short: It's fantastic to taste something that we could make at home that actually has a distinctive flavor that can shine through not yet having the use of distilled water for our brewing. While Sara will go into the specifics of what makes up this blends flavor, I can say that without being the quintessential fall flavor (Pumpkin motherfuckin' spice) something about this flavor reminds of caramel apples and cider mill donuts that makes it perfect for the holiday season.

Deadly Grounds will absolutely be a company that both of us will continue to order coffee from. With so many blends to choose from, all with names that would please any horror and coffee fan alike, there's plenty to keep us occupied for years to come. I completely recommend for anyone out there who makes coffee on a regular basis and is looking to branch out, to check Deadly Grounds out for not only an amazing array of coffee, but fair pricing on all of their blends.

Sara: I prefer to label myself as 90 percent caffeine and 10 percent water, a la Lorelei Gilmore, and although I may not be a coffee enthusiast, I am very enthusiastic about consuming it. When we were gearing up for Frightmare in the Falls last month, I was so incredibly stoked to see that Deadly Grounds was one of the vendors in attendance. Not only do they make delicious coffee with adorably spooky names such as; Hell's Fury, and Sinful Delight, they are the ONLY hearse-based coffee company in America.

The staff for Deadly Grounds at Frightmare in the Falls were very helpful and knowledgeable of the products they had available to purchase and consume, and come Sunday morning, the majority of the attendees were hoping to nurse their hangovers with a cuppa. Jeremy picked ours, Toxic Toffee, and I do believe it was the first time I had ever seen him drink a coffee black. The Toxic Toffee is their regular house blend with hints of caramel and toffee, not too overpowering, and the scent is just as amazing as its smooth taste. They have both a US and Canada website, and the Toxic Toffee can be found on the Canadian one. We loved it so much we ended up ordering two more this past week; Death by Chocolate, and Devil's Night, a chocolate and pumpkin blend, respectively. These blends actually just arrived this afternoon, so we haven't had the chance to test them out just yet, although we will most definitely leave a review on our Instagram stories which can be followed along @FoxyCatCoven.

Our next post is going to be the first in our Creepy Twins theme for this month, so stay tuned for that to drop later this week! We are also working on a few ideas to keep the upcoming holidays a little spooky for you guys, so be sure to follow us on all forms of social media to see all of the goodies we have coming for you in the upcoming weeks. Until next time, keep it creepy, kids.


  1. I was introduced to this fun brand by you guys -- thanks! I love love love their chocolate cherry coffee. In fact, I'm drinking it right now!


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