Frightmare In The Falls 2018


Jeremy: Here we are, one day from Halloween night, and just coming off the Coven's second excursion out to a horror convention. And i've gotta say, I personally am in full spooky mode, with just a hint of sadness that soon October will be done and gone for another year. But what a way to close it out with a fantastic weekend spent at Frightmare In The Falls, presented by Rue Morgue. This time we found ourselves in the Canadian side of Niagra Falls (a first time visit for me), with the good fortune of being able to book a hotel directly across the street from the Scotiabank Convention Center. The site of two days of panels, workshops, booths with more terrifying merch than my wallet could fathom, and plenty more frightening attractions to quench our thirst for a perfect final weekend of Halloween.

This being my second horror convention, I found myself a tad less overwhelmed this time compared to our trip earlier this year to Motor City Nightmares. While that event took place in a hotel, which lead to some confusion as to where everything we could experience was located, Frightmare was much easier to navigate with schedules all over the place and only two floors to alternate between. I found this to be the perfect layout for what this convention was presenting, also allowing for a larger main floor that didn't make me feel like I was being packed into a gory can of sardines. While moving through the many rows of merch tables, I think what stood out most to me was the huge amount of booths featuring hand crafted materials, such as painted shot glasses featuring tons of different horror icons, to homemade teddy bears made to look like characters such as Sam from Trick R Treat or Art the Clown from Terrifier.

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As the event ran from about 11am-6pm both days, we didn't have a whole lot of time to experience what was offered outside the main floor. But I personally felt satisfied with what we were able to cover for a first time visit here. The only unfortunate thing for me is that we had to pick and choose, and so if there was more time to spend here, I wouldn't have minded screening one of the several films that were playing either weekend day. All in all, Niagra Falls is a beautiful location that felt like an amazing getaway in itself, not to mention we had a fantastic horror convention to attend at the same time.

Sara: Despite the rain and the cold, Frightmare in the Falls was an absolute blast! As Jeremy mentioned, we focused our attention on the panels this convention, and I am glad that we did because one: they were all pretty fantastic, and two: my credit card hasn't fully recovered from the last convention. When we were purchasing our tickets many months ago, we decided that a 4+ hour trek away from Detroit was wanting for attendance for both days of the convention, and the VIP passes were a pretty good deal for both days, so we opted for just that. VIP meant that we were allowed into the convention early without having to wait in line (though it moved pretty swiftly), and we had front-row seating at all of the panels we attended, which resulted in three total.

The first one was centered around Friday the 13th, with guests C.J. Graham and Steve Dash. These two had a special banter that can only be described as a very tight friendship, and they had the entire room laughing their asses off during the entire hour. Steve Dash told several stories from his days as a New York City police officer, all the way up to getting his job as bag-head Jason in Friday the 13th, Part II. Adrienne Barbeau's panel was very cool, and she has a very sweet disposition. I had only recently watched The Fog (1980) for the first time last year (I know, I know), but I loved her in Escape From New York, Back to School, Creepshow, and, of course, as the voice of Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series. She told antidotes from filming Swamp Thing (1982), such as all of the actors forced into having antibiotics put in their ears before going into the swamp that they were filming in every day to feign off bacteria. Of course, this led to us watching the movie immediately upon returning home on Sunday night, like you do. The last and final panel we had the pleasure of sitting in on was with Tom Atkins and Tommy Lee Wallace, discussing all things Halloween. Jeremy and I both have a fondness of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, so hearing about how it all came together was pretty insightful. Tom Atikins was completely adorable, and we both could have listened to Tommy Lee Wallace tell stories of the early days on the set of Halloween all day long.

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Aside from the panels, and wanting every single piece of horror merch available, we had a great time just meeting and talking to other horror fans at the convention. Everyone was eager to pose for the camera, talk about projects they had going on, or even their favorite horror film. We don't know what is in the cards for The Coven for next year, but it would be really incredible to attend Frightmare In The Falls again. 

We are wrapping up the spookiest month of the year with this post, but we are gearing up for November and we have a pretty interesting choice for the theme for the month, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can catch some more of our shenanigans at Frightmare in the Falls on our featured stories on our Instagram accounts at @FoxyCatCoven. Until next time, keep it creepy, kids! 

*All photos by Foxy Cat Coven