Up And Coven Happenings: September 2018

Jeremy: The Halloween season is close approaching. For those of us who are already digging out last year's Halloween decor to mix in with our year round spooky home decor, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. With our August shark theme closing out the summer, it's time we start getting into some real devilish content. And so, for your viewing pleasure, September for the Coven is going to be all about "Haunted Houses"! While we hope to extensively cover this genre in the world of film, we also have a ton of other things going on to share with you creeps. See below, where Sara can give you some of the more spooky details on these goings on!

As for what lies ahead for me, i'm incredibly stoked to see the dedication so many stores are giving to upping their Halloween game. Spirit Halloween for one seems to be getting better every year with both new licenced and original merch, while we've already made out like fiends with tons of cool (and inexpensive) stuff over at Michael's. As well, Scream Factory's big fall season dump of excellent remastered titles such as Trick R Treat, Urban Legend, 1999's House on Haunted Hill, and more are releasing soon with perks like getting them shipped two weeks before their street release date if you pre-order! I personally fucking jumped on the opportunity to secure that Trick R Treat release. 

Being a slow reader, i'm still making my way through Christine but after recently revisiting the John Carpenter film adaption for the first time in years, i'm even more driven to see how book and film stack up for me now. Stephen King has been experiencing something of a revival these past couple years in a big way, and i'm stoked to see what else comes out of his many universes through both film and television. And speaking of TV, no, i've not yet delved into the Castle Rock series, but believe me, that will be coming soon enough. For now, i'm really focusing on catching up with the many movies sitting on our shelf that have gone unwatched. I can't be the only one with a sizable horror collection who just looks at it and goes, "Man, I wish I had something to watch right now."

Sara: This month is packed for us as the Michigan Renaissance Festival is still in full-swing, so expect a post recapping all of our shenanigans among the pirates, fairies, gypsies, and plague doctors of Hollygrove. We will also be making a trip out to Hell, MI for the day this month to check out some Hearses at Hearsefest 2018 (my goal is to get Jeremy to watch Harold and Maude before we embark on this endeavor, as he has a growing love of hearses). We also have a few photo shoots planned that we are pretty excited about, not to mention a few other surprise posts up our sleeves before we take off to Arizona at the end of the month to stay with Jeremy's family. 

However, I can safely argue that both members of this coven are stoked to be seeing The Nun in theaters this evening. The Conjuring universe is one of my favorites in modern-day horror, and if you are a fan of watching something scary without a ton of gore, this is a great franchise to get into. 

I also finally made my way though House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and was completely blown away. With such a packed month ahead of us and only finding time during my lunch breaks to read, I am now pawing my way through "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" by Marilyn Manson for nice change of pace. I will have to admit: this autobiography is disgustingly addictive. Each chapter makes me feel sorrow, disgust, and horrified, all the while completely enamored. I am only 100 pages in but so far 10/10 do recommend.  Also, this book made me revisit Big Black, so go give "Songs About Fucking" a listen if you haven't yet.

Currently, I am making my way through the third season of Charmed and loving every minute of it. I really loved the first few episodes of the first season, but then it started to drag and I lost interest. Season two picked up a better plot and better character development, which just continues onto season three. The best part? ALL of the late 90's-early 2000's bands doing little cameos! Even the bands I weren't huge on during that time period are a welcome walk down nostalgia lane, and I am soaking that shit up. 

As mentioned, we will be attending the Michigan Renaissance Festival on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so be sure to look for us and say hi! You can also follow our drunken debauchery on our Instagram stories by following us at @FoxyCatCoven, and we will be sure to keep it updated as tramp around Hollygrove.

Also: Our one and only #BHorrorMovieNight live-tweet for September will be one week from today: September 13th, at 9:30 pm EST and we will be watching one of our favorite haunted house movies: House on Haunted Hill (1999)! Join us by following us on Twitter @FoxyCatCoven and use the hash tag and we will retweet all of our favorite tweets from the evening. Until next time, keep it creepy, kids. 


  1. "Harold and Maude" -- one of the best movies ever! So funny. And wise. The soundtrack by Cat Stevens is amazing. And the ending made me gasp.


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