The One You've Been Screaming For: Our Favorite Friday The 13th Films

*This post contains spoilers for both Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) and Friday the 13th: Jason Lives (1986) films

Jeremy: As a cap off to our Friday the 13th month, before we delve into the majesty that is Freddy vs. Jason tonight in our #BHorrorMovieNight live tweet, we thought we'd bring you creeps a taste of what each member of the Coven thinks of as the best of the best of this franchise! With twelve feature films to his name, Jason Voorhees has carved his way through four decades of horror with, granted, some serious disparities in quality across each film. But as the current reigning horror series in terms of body count, with a staggering 121 kills to his name (possibly even more), there's no denying the legacy that Friday the 13th has created among slasher films. You've heard our thoughts on the original 1980 classic, the 2009 remake, and of course, the much lambasted Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan this month. Now lets get down to two films we think put all three to shame, and stand tall as the crowning achievements of Friday the 13th and slashers alike.

Sara: What makes an excellent slasher flick in this cat's eyes? The perfected blend of gory kills and comic relief. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter starts out strong with Jason Voorhees assumed dead in a hospital bed, with a perfectly distasteful horny doctor trying everything in his power to mack on a quick-witted nurse, right beside him. It's no mystery who gets theirs first, but don't worry, Jason sure as shit finds a way back to his home base of Crystal Lake, where once again it is inhabited with a bunch of teenagers, but this time they aren't camp councilors. They are just here to party. And, subsequently, get maimed.

Jason's kills in Final Chapter are some of my favorite in the entire franchise, the fist being that poor hitchhiker who just wanted a ride and instead was slain mid-munching on a banana. The second being the brunette who gets it while naked, floating on a raft, left to be found later by her poor boyfriend. Thirdly, the obnoxious Teddy who by all means should be too stoned to realize that he is dying. Lastly, the blonde who is a complete shoe-in to being the final girl with her sweet disposition and virginity, that is until she loses it in the third act to her crush and immediately dies after.

But wait, there's more! The kills alone aren't carrying the torch for Final Chapter for me, oh no. We get to see a very young Corey Feldman be a creative, smart-ass, little shit trying everything in his power to save his mom and sister, as well as get a glimpse of those teenagers next door's boobs. He succeeds completely in being adorable, and annoying. Not to mention despite the previous films taking place at camp,  he is the first little kid to actually be in danger of Jason killing him. Do you know who also is a complete scene-stealer? Crispin Glover! Him and Teddy are the staples for the comic relief with their banter over whether or not Glover's character is a "dead fuck" or not, and they are hilarious. The viewer (me) becomes pretty invested in Glover, to see if his character will or won't be the Nice Guy Who Finishes Last-and it does become pretty enticing to see his arc. Bonus: his dancing alone is worth watching this film. Seriously. Go watch it.

Jeremy: While there were elements of comedy in every Friday the 13th before Jason Lives, this was the first to not only fully embrace it, but is one of the first ever horror films to go full meta. Way before Scream or even Wes Craven's New Nightmare, there was Jason Lives breaking the fourth wall, dropping in James Bond references, and totally poking fun at slasher film tropes that had been fully established by that point in time. Not only is it the funniest film in the franchise, it's easily the most entertaining to me. While I can attest to the fact that The Final Chapter features better kills (probably the best in the franchise), the kills here are far more entertaining and plentiful. And man, the soundtrack fucking rocks for this movie, featuring two kickass Alice Cooper songs during the middle and end credits of the whole affair.

This also happens to be the entry that features my favorite design for Jason, recognized by his trademark utility belt and gloves. Dudes like a fucking superhero, and is perfectly balanced as both someone you want returning character Tommy Jarvis to take down, but would be totally cool with this Jason slaughtering every motherfucker in sight. My biggest complaint, and honestly the only one I have, is that of any other Friday the 13th film (except maybe New Blood) this entry absolutely deserves an uncut version. Kills here are great, but it's so withheld on what you know they wanted to show that it would completely benefit without the crutch of the ratings board. That aside, the short version of why Jason Lives reigns supreme for me, is re-watchability. It's not only the most fun I have watching a Friday the 13th film, but packs so many references in to poke fun at both horror movies and the Friday the 13th series in general (without making Jason out to be a joke). Just awesome. That's what makes Jason Lives such an accomplishment to me.

Sara: We are in the last leg of July, but we still have a smol bit of Friday the 13th left! Tonight we are doing our second #BHorrorMovieNight live-tweet of the month, and we are going to be watching Freddy vs Jason! The event starts at 9:30 EST, so follow @FoxyCatCoven on Twitter and don't forget to use the hashtag as we will be retweeting our favorite tweets from the evening. Also! While your there, save the date for our @FreshCoastTags game we are co-hosting with @BadBoxArtMarc on August 16th at 7pm! The game tag will drop that evening, so stay tuned by downloading the #RoundUp app (it's free!). Until the, keep it creepy, kids!