Slashers in the Woods: Our Review of Krystal Lake Campground

Krystal 6

Jeremy: For the second and final Friday the 13th weekend of 2018, we decided do something a little more special than the usual movie marathon. To my knowledge, Michigan is home to two campsites bearing a name similar to the iconic Camp Crystal Lake, of Friday the 13th lore. There's the more closely titled Crystal Lake Campground in Scottville, MI, and then there's the site we found ourselves over the weekend, Krystal Lake Campground in Vassar, MI. To put my camping experience into perspective, it has been almost ten years since i've been camping, and despite every state in America probably bearing some campsite with a crystal lake moniker attached to it, this is the first time in my life I made the conscious attempt to not only camp at one, but do it over the Friday the 13th holiday weekend. And let me tell you, i'm so glad I did. It was a blast.

Something I can say for any future travelers to this site: You're going to have to bring the Jason Voorhee's magic with you, cause this site, like many of its kind, chooses to play up the family friendly atmosphere and not encourage its namesake or for people to get all stabby in their hockey masks. Depressing. Of course, that didn't stop either of us from bringing several masks, axes, F13 movies and merch, and the spirit of the holiday with us in full force. From drunkingly kayaking in hockey masks, to stalking the grounds in our camp counselor shirts (basically just looking like two fucking nerds running around), we did our damndest to pay tribute to the man behind the mask. Plus, I can't beat that feeling of sitting alongside Krystal Lake as the sun begins to set, a Friday the 13th film playing in front of you next to a cooler full of booze. Perfect encapsulation of the weekend.


Jeremy: If there's something I would ask to be improved upon when it comes to Krystal Lake Campground, it would primarily be the abundance of cabins. My original plan was to rent out a small cabin for the weekend (pictured below), and plan a photoshoot based off this idea. Come to find out, there are only two cabins available at this campground, one's that were already reserved months ahead of time. With what is obviously a very popular option here, I would hope to someday see a great deal more of these. This was the biggest determent for me, and while Sara may have a different opinion, it's what would lead me to another campsite if I were looking for these particular accommodations at the time. That aside, I have no other major complaints, the campsite rocked, and while the other Crystal Lake of Michigan is next on my list, come next Friday the 13th, I will most definitely revisit Krystal Lake Campground in the future. 

Sara: I knew we had picked a decent campground when I noticed I Know What You Did Last Summer was playing in the rec room when we were grabbing ice for our coolers and checking in on Friday night. Classic. As Jeremy already mentioned, there were zero cabins available, so we were stuck with a rustic site. With little cell phone service, and lots of areas around camp to charge our devices, we were pretty content with our little corner of the rustic grounds. To beat the 90 + degree temps, we slathered in sunblock and hit the lake. Camp Krystal Lake actually contains three small lakes, which we were delighted to find connected through smaller channels-we discovered via kayak. In what seemed like no time at all, we ended up out on the water a few hours longer than we anticipated. Buzzed on apple whisky and White Claws, we chilled in the rec center with a few games of The Nightmare Before Christmas themed Yahtzee, pool, and air hockey (which we immediately discovered that we both are absolute garbage at). As if that wasn't enough to cool our sweaty asses, waffle cones filled with moose tracks, and Superman ice cream did the deed before I set out on making the largest fire in the whole damn campground.

Krystal 3
Krystal 4
Krystal 5
Although this was my first time camping here, Vassar, MI is hardly a stranger to me. My grandparent's home was only a few miles away. On our travels we passed through the little village of Mayville on the way into camp. They had a video rental store, and it took all of me not to jump out of the car and explore that bitch, but I was too excited to get out of our tiny ass car and into camp. Despite Krystal Lake being a family-friendly camp, it did a decent job at catering to adults as well. There was a live band on Friday night, karaoke and dance music on Saturday night, and zero enforcement of the quiet time at midnight. Not that we live for being loud assholes all of the time, but it was nice to chill around our gigantic fire, sipping beers and burning veggie dogs without having to whisper all night. 

What we really wanted out of this trip was a fun experience, with the hopes of bringing some of our friends out for a trip next year for more Friday the 13th shenanigans, and this place has us sold. I would expect a decent photo shoot, perhaps even a video or two next year, because despite us having to bring the horror to the camp, this place killed it.  

Krystal 2

I have but a few days of recovery before I'm off on another camping trip, an annual, all-ladies one. And so, I will be leaving the Coven in Jeremy's hands for a few days. However, before I take off, we will have another Friday the 13th post for you creeps this Wednesday! We will be watching, and comparing the original (1980) and remake (2009) Friday the 13th movies! The last one we did was Fright Night, if you want to see how our VS posts usually go down, feel free to check it out here. We will also have a brand-new #TuesdayHorrorMovieRec for you guys out tomorrow, so be sure to follow us on all forms of social media to see it, as well as leave us your recommendations for the week. Lastly, don't forget to join our Coven Creeps group, located right on our Facebook page. We love talking about anything horror, creepy, weird, whimsical, etc. Have an awesome spooky shop you love? A weird band we should check out? A bunch of spooky memes you wanna dump? Just click on our Facebook page and send us a request to join and we will get you in there.

In the meantime, keep it creepy, kids!

Krystal Lake 2018

* All photos by Foxy Cat Coven


  1. Yay! This is great. Connecting the experience to the movie is clever and fun. As a recent convert to camping myself, I'm happy to see you go outdoors and enjoy the wild. And no fire is too big!

    1. Thanks! We had a blast, and huzzah for giant fires!

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