Saturday At Oak Hill Cemetery

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Jeremy: For our second cemetery trip we decided to check out one which we had expressed several times interest in exploring, Oak Hill Cemetery in Pontiac, MI. Located at the highest elevation in Pontiac, the centuries old cemetery, containing many Civil War veterans and Oakland County founders, also happens to be the biggest cemetery I've yet to encounter. Spanning what amounts to three different cemetery locations (around 23 acres), we only ended up looking through about half of what this location has to offer. Seven mausoleums stand here, only three of which were found in the area we trekked through. One in fact, the oldest standing here, ran into some trouble in 2017 when vandals caused damage to the upper portion of its structure, damage that still remains, bricks everywhere and all, nearly a year later.

Sara: Oak Hill Cemetery was placed under the national register of historic places by the United States department of the interior June of 1989, it was established in 1820. The older the cemetery, the better. What I loved in particular about Oak Hill Cemetery was all of the unique grave markers, everything from simple and small headstones to elaborate tree shaped ones were peppered in-between the beautiful mausoleums. The cemetery itself spread over many little hills with loads of trees, including two of my favorites; pine and birch. 

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Jeremy: I tried my best to find any source of haunting information for this particular cemetery but it ended in vein, if there's any information that i'm just not coming across, i'd be more than happy to be made aware of it. With such a long history and significance to the town of Pontiac, I would have assumed this place was brimming with stories, hoax or otherwise. The few scraps of information I did find came from less than reputable sources, such as the Youtube comment section, where it was claimed that groundhogs dug up a small portion of the cemetery, leaving human bones scattered all about; yeah, I don't know about that, man.

I'm confident, however, that despite OHC being located alongside a particularly busy road, that some have bore witness to some devilish hauntings and have yet to have their stories told. Until such time as I lay witness to this, I had a lot of fun checking this out, and our journey through many more potentially haunted locations will continue, hopefully next time with a more sinister story to tell.

Sara: I can attest that despite the lack of haunting tales to find, this cemetery is the perfect backdrop for future photo shoots. Despite the cold and mud, capturing the essence of the Oak Hill Cemetery wasn't too difficult, and I can only imagine how gorgeous the place is come fall. For more photos of this shoot, visit our Flickr page.

This Friday is our next B Horror Movie Night live-tweet, and Jeremy picked a solid one: Prom Night (1980)  featuring the coveted Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis. As always, we are going to feature our favorite tweets from the evening on our review post, so be sure to use the hashtag #BHorrorMovieNight. The fun starts at 9:30 EST and Prom Night is available to rent on YouTube and Amazon (its free if you have Prime). Follow us on Twitter @FoxyCatCoven for more updates and we will see you then!

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All photos by Foxy Cat Coven


  1. Beautiful photos of an interesting place. I agree that its age enhances its appeal.

  2. The snow makes a cemetery look so eerie. But I did laugh when you mentioned the mud - mud always comes in to ruin the magic of the snow!
    So happy you guys have a Flickr, I'll start follow it now. It seems no one uses theirs anymore.

    - Delphine


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