Red Devil In The City: Marche Du Nain Rouge 2018

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"The Nain Rouge has been a harbinger of doom since the time of Detroit's founding. Each year we hold a parade in the Cass Corridor to trick the Nain with our terrible French...and costumes."  - Marche du Nain Rouge  

Sara: Red devils, fire dancers, and sugar skull painted faces lined the streets. Beads, strewn about, and laughter, merriment, and the smell of hops clouded the air. Everything in eyesight was painted up red or black, and signs everywhere both banishing and praising the one and only red devil himself; the Nain Rouge.

One of the very first events I wanted to cover for this blog when we were first discussing the idea of the coven was Marche du Nain Rouge. I participated in this event for the very first time two years ago and had an absolute blast. The general idea for Marche du Nain Rouge is for a large crowd of people to gather in Detroit's Cass Corridor, dressed in elaborate costumes (usually red) and march in a parade to scare the red devil away for a prosperous year in Detroit. Over the years the costumes, floats, and performances have grown, creating a pretty huge event. Musicians, fire-performers, and jugglers all join in the march, as well as the general public. Groups can even register their Krewes for the event, and coordinate their styles of costumes.

Jeremy: I'd never even heard of something like this, and so, even though Sara had spent around a year explaining to me what the whole thing was, it was better to just experience it all first hand to get the idea. Taking place in Midtown and leading up to Detroit's own Masonic Temple, the parade itself lasts only a mile, but it's the people that really make it such a glorious event. We managed to capture here only a small fraction of the huge level of creativity and effort that went into some of the costumes. We arrived several hours before the parade start, allowing us to capture these moments before taking off towards the temple. There were many pop up bars and food carts along the way, as well as merch, and even a fire show in the starting area.

Unlike several events I was introduced to last year by Sara, I didn't end up dressing up for this one. However, because this event ends up tying into the crowd that frequents Theater Bizarre (one of my favorite events of the year) I really wish I did. In the end, we didn't end up staying for too long after the parade, missing out on the arrival of the Nain Rouge, something that i'd also like to remedy next year. But this was a fun journey, kicking off the many events that are soon to follow this coming year. 

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Sara: This parade is all-ages, dog friendly, and located smack-dab in the middle of many of the bars that mid-town, Detroit has to offer. One of my favorite aspects of the parade is the creativity, not only with the costumes, music, and performers, but with the theme as well. This year's? Fake News. The Nain was all dolled up in classic reporter attire and handed out copies of the Detroit Snooze, with headlines like: "Nessie was nesting under the Ambassador Bridge", and "Nain named official 'Spirit of Detroit". All the parking tickets in Detroit? It's the Nain. Every time the Q-Line gets stuck? Also the Nain. Paired with a giant, smoking head of Donald Trump to top it off, the theme was quite the crowd pleaser and I for one am very eager to see what they come up with next year.

In Coven news: we currently have a poll running on our Twitter account! Which horror remake should we compare and contrast with the original in our next Original VS Remake blog post: Halloween (1978) vs the Rob Zombie Halloween remake (2007), or, Carrie (1976) vs the Carrie (2013) remake? Hit us up on Twitter @FoxyCatCoven and in the meantime, check out our last Original VS Remake post on Nightmare on Elm Street. Keep it creepy!

Jeremy: Also, if anyone can locate a cat head mask like the one pictured above, please send it straight away. I want that as my costume for everything from now on.


*All photos by Foxy Cat Coven 


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